Caviar Gift Box


Elegant Caviar Gift Box with Pearl Spoon & Caviar Opener

Elevate your gift-giving with our Elegant Caviar Gift Box, complete with a luxurious Mother of Pearl spoon and a sleek caviar opener. Perfect for the ultimate gourmet surprise.



Embrace the Luxury of Fine Dining:

Our Caviar Gift Box is a testament to refined taste. This exclusive set includes:

1) Velvet box.
2) Mother of Pearl Spoon: Delicately crafted, this spoon is non-reactive and preserves the rich flavor of caviar.
3) Premium Caviar Opener: Ergonomically designed for ease, it seamlessly opens caviar tins while preserving their integrity.

Perfect Gift for Connoisseurs:

Presented Caviar box + a choosed Caviar is an ideal gift for enthusiasts of gourmet delicacies. Whether for a special occasion or as a sophisticated gesture, it promises to delight.


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