Caviar Set Beluga 50g × 2pcs


Introducing our exclusive Caviar Set: Beluga Caviar 50g from Azerbaijan + Beluga Caviar 50g from Georgia. Compare the unique flavors of two distinct regions. Best price in Singapore. Elevate your culinary adventures with this exquisite gourmet delight. Perfect for sophisticated gatherings and celebrations.

  1.  Beluga Caviar  (Huso- Huso) (Azerbaijan) – 50g – 1pc
  2. Beluga Caviar  (Huso- Huso) (Georgia) – 50g – 1 pc
  3. Mother of pearl caviar spoon – 2 pcs
  4. Caviar Opener
  5. Gift Box


  • Non-pasteurized.
  • Ingredients: sturgeon caviar, salt, sorbic acid.
  • Exp.Date is imprinted on the back sticker.
  • Necessarily store in the refrigerator at -2 to -4.
  • Consume within 1-2 days after opening.
  • All Caviar Shipped with Ice Packs to Preserve Freshness.

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For the ultimate caviar aficionado, this set is a must-try, presenting an exceptional opportunity to compare and savor the nuanced flavors of two different regions. Delight in the best price available in Singapore and elevate your culinary experiences to new heights with this exceptional gourmet offering. Whether it’s an elegant gathering or a special celebration, this Caviar Set promises to be the centerpiece of any occasion.

Additional information

Source Animal:

Beluga (Huso Huso)

Country of Origin:

Azerbaijan / Georgia


Traditional Method


Metal Tin




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